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Patti Westenberg

Patti Westenberg

Creator Mother / Brandon Westenberg

I’ve been very involved in all of my son’s (@beyondbrandon, @limitlesslance, and @gav1nwestengerg) social media endeavors and have toured with them to many citities in the US as well as Europe.  Earlier this year, Brandon signed on with Influences and I can honestly say that Ariadna and her team have been great with keeping me involved (even though Brandon is an adult) in all the opportunities offered to him and continue to do so.  It hasn’t been easy through the pandemic but Influences has been able to offer him opportunities despite it all. As a mother and health care worker, I am thankful for all that Ari has done to keep Brandon, Hailey and the others living in the KND house as safe as possible and for always trying to keep Brandon working. I wish the best for Ari and her team.

Alfredo Gangotena

Alfredo Gangotena

Chief Marketing Officer, MasterCard

Ariadna was extremely knowledgable and consultative when they first approached me about our digital marketing needs at MasterCard. She was persistent yet patient with us throughout the RFP process and the CEO (Ariadna Jacob) was a motivating factor for us wanting to do business with her agency. Ariadna is a thoughtful, creative and passionate person who deeply understood our business needs and provided insightful solutions.